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        1. Sanyang Textile Co.,Ltd.

          San Yang Textile Co., Ltd.

          Add: NO.106, Liqi Rd. Lijin County, Dongying City, Shandong Provice, China    
          URL: www.mm16com.com

          Talent strategy

          Reflections on the implementation of talent strategy is the future of human resources planning, we always follow the "recruit training patterns of talents gathering synchronization, internal and external integration, and constantly provide a platform for the development of entrepreneurship opportunities for employees to have both ability and political integrity. Talent is the most valuable wealth of enterprises, is to maintain the bond of the enterprise, is the soul of the company. The company believes in the people-oriented management concept, attaches great importance to the development and training of personnel, so as to cause people to stay in the development of people, to retain cultural.

          Talent is the real driving force for the development of enterprises. People oriented is the source of enterprise, so the enterprise is the talent management, the competition is the talent competition. "People-oriented, human resources, human resources dynamic" is our enterprise's human resources management concept.

          Attracting talents, training talents, discovering talents and retaining talents is the logical law of talent promotion process. Each other for the conditions, but also each other, is a professional channel for the growth of talent, we always pay attention to every aspect of excellence. "People long, one short" is the person with the company uphold the principle. Continue to provide learning, training conditions and opportunities, enterprises always take the road of learning development.

          Companies adhere to the "human race with the principle of the horse", the performance is better than the qualifications, ability is higher than the degree and have both ability and political integrity as employment standards, encourage employees to display their talent, build a fair competition environment for people.

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